New Long Beach City Manager Speaks at Weekly Luncheon

It was standing room only at our meeting this past Wed., with 39 people present to hear the new Long Beach City Manager, Jack Schnirman, address the group.  Among the guests were:  Darlene & Mike Tangney, LBPD Police Commissioner; Steve Kohut; Gordon Tepper, Public Relations; Michael Robinson, Community Development; Phil Popper, Esq.; Dr. Denis Ryan, President of the LB School District Board of Education; and Bobby Blau, Long Beach Soup Kitchen Manager.  Lion Len Torres introduced CM Schnirman who reported that the City Council has asked him to work on getting more efficient operations in City Hall.  He said, “We have inherited a tremendous financial crisis,” which will be addressed by him, the Council and the new Comptroller recently hired.  We need more accountability by all employees and better control of the city’s assets.  He is very open to hearing any ideas the public has to get this done.  He and the Council will be visiting the high-rise buildings to hold “Town Meetings” to get input from residents.  In addition, he and the Council can be contacted at  At the request of Dr. Ryan, meetings between the City Council and the Board of Education will be resuming.
Also at the lunch, Bobby Blau addressed the Long Beach Lions, thanking them profusely for getting a new, commercial stove for the Soup Kitchen. Particular thanks to Lion Mike Kerr for finding the stove and Lion Allen Schwartz for spear-heading the project.